Canadian Death Race

Welcome to this is not the official Canadian Death Race website, that can be found HERE.

This is a website BY runners of the Canadian Death Race, FOR runners of the Canadian Death Race. When I first signed up to run the Canadian Death Race I found it difficult to get specific information on how to get started. Lots of people wrote about how they had done it, but I found a lot of this information were written by seasoned Ultra Marathoners. I on the other hand had never ran anything farther than a marathon.

“Where do I start?” “How far do I run on a training run?” “What do I eat?” “How many hills should I run when I am training?” All these questions, and much more came to mind. All I had to do was find the answers.

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Barefoot vs. Bearfoot

Barefoot running shoesSo, I picked up some Barefoot shoes at Fast Trax and have had a chance to try them out. The clerk at the store told me to start out running for only 5 minutes in them and slowly build from there. The first run was only about a kilometer, then I built up to 2 kilometer.

What have I discovered so far? Well, the first thing I noticed was that I run faster with what appears to be the same amount of effort. Mind you I also found my Mustang went faster with strips on it, so it may be my imagination. I also found my calves got tired after a very short distance.

After my 2km run (and 7 steep hills the day before), my calves were sore. On the Sunday long run I had to stop at 10 km instead of the 32 km

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